September is Life Insurance Awareness month. I think the timing is very appropriate. After spending time together as a family in the summer, surviving the hustle and bustle of the kids going back to school, or starting preparations for high school or college, things start to get back to a more normal routine. It is an easy time to focus on work after a long Labor Day weekend of fun. Please take the time this month to act on the gift that life insurance can provide to those you love.

Life insurance is one of the greatest gifts of love one can give. It gives you a say in your family’s lifestyle when you will no longer have one. It can make the difference in keeping life as normal as possible or struggling not only emotionally but financially. It is the foundation for any rock solid financial plan.

Buddy “The Cake Boss” Valastro is the 2012 LIAM Spokesperson. Here is how a lack of life insurance impacted his life…

Life Insurance _ Buddy Valastro, The Cake Boss, Talks About His Story of Loss

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NBA Champion Lamar Odom Shares His Personal Connection with Life Insurance

I am happy to provide a financial checkup and see if your current policy can be updated to the more efficient policies out today that provide living benefits. Call or email me to discuss your particular situation.