Financial Planning in Temecula

check mark     Have you asked yourself how much money will you need when you retire and for how long to enjoy the retirement lifestyle you desire?

check mark    Have you ever thought about whether you will outlive your money?

check mark     Do you have a ROCK SOLID answer?

Call me, Bonnie Clark, at (619) 787-4222 and I will be happy to show you how!

Whether you live too long, die too soon, or get sick in between, we’ve got you covered!

I am Bonnie Clark, a licensed life insurance agent (CA Lic# 0G74275) and specialist in financial planning in Temecula, CA. I have been listening to, caring about, and helping my clients make the best possible decisions for their financial futures since 1989. As owner of Kratos Financial & Insurance Solutions, a progressive financial services company founded in Southern California, my national team and I take a holistic approach to our clients’ wealth. We help our clients build and maximize their wealth both now and for the future by empowering them with a financial education the banks, the IRS, and most financial advisors won’t give them. We reveal the secrets of the rich so every family and small business that works with us can make more fully educated decisions about their finances and eventual retirement they are comfortable with.

Living Benefits

Life insurance that pays you while you are still alive and need it the most.

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Tax Free Retirement

Kratos will help you build a tax free income source, free from market loss.

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Guaranteed Income for Life

Enjoy the peace of mind of reliable income, guaranteed to last as long as you do.

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Does YOUR retirement plan have a hidden, gushing leak that is silently draining your financial future?


Why Should You Choose Bonnie to be Your Financial Planner?

Dedicated to YOU

Ever feel like a financial planner was pushing you to a product that was a benefit to them- at your expense?  I am here to help you reach YOUR financial goals.

Focused on Relationships

You deserve more than to be just treated like another transaction.  I absolutely love the process of working with my clients, and being a part of your future!

Solution Oriented

You are unique, and so are your financial goals.  Rather than “paint by numbers” with your financial plan, I take a creative approach to go outside the box.

So Thankful for All My Clients! Here is What They Have to Say...

“Bonnie took the time to REALLY listen to me, my needs, my concerns, my goals and help me find the right solutions for me. She had my best interest in mind; not her’s. Bonnie Clark took the time to make things simple to understand and educate me financially. I have a clearer picture of how to make smart decisions for a better financial future. I highly recommend Bonnie Clark’s services.”
Debbie Clymer : Murrieta, CA
“My husband and I went to Bonnie Clark at Kratos Financial & Insurance Solutions for some financial planning on a better way to save. Bonnie was extremely helpful in presenting different options that applied to us and showing us what each option had to offer us. She explained and re-explained anything we asked her to. She answered all of our questions patiently. We NEVER felt pushed or pressured to make a hasty decision. We were very well informed and still feel very comfortable with our decision. We have been with Kratos for over a year now and are very happy and peaceful with our decision, which is important when trusting a business with your money. Thank you very much Bonnie Clark.”
Sarah and Moses Rivas: Winchester, CA
“Thank You Bonnie for helping my husband and I plan for our financial future. You have been so professional, patient and knowledgeable. We feel more secure in our retirement!”
Mary Padilla: Pacoima, CA
“Bonnie has been a trusted financial advisor to me for many years. As a busy professional, I appreciate Bonnie giving me well educated information that benefits my specific circumstances. The strategies she customized for me minimizes risk while providing competitive gains. My plan established tax advantaged generational wealth for my children too. I appreciate having a proven financial plan, used by wealthy families for hundreds of years, so I can focus on my priorities with confidence.”
Seth Joseph, Esq.: Miami, FL
“Bonnie took her time with us to understand our needs and wants…She helped us gain more clarity and security in our financial future. Bonnie has become our family’s go-to financial person. If you want financial peace of mind, give her a call today. You’ll be glad you did.”
Erin & Billy: CA
“As a seven year cancer survivor I thought I was uninsurable. Bonnie helped me get approved for life insurance that not only pays out if I die, but will also pay me if I get sick again or experience another major critical, chronic, or terminal illness. Call Bonnie today. Get the peace of mind we all deserve.”
Lori: CA
“I needed a tax-free solution to secure my retirement, and Bonnie came up with a great plan! We feel great about our new financial plan and we sleep like babies even when the market is going down, knowing our money isn’t!”
Jim & Rebecca: CA
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