There is a 40k alternative available in Temecula and Murrieta, CA, an IRS approved retirement savings plan that most advisors know nothing about.

It has been called the Retirement Miracle by many experts.

Don’t YOU want to know what it is? 

This retirement savings vehicle is not a qualified plan or an investment that goes inside one.  It’s also not a Roth, annuity, or common  Life Insurance policy.

It is a permanent Life Insurance policy that allows its owners to tie accumulation values to a stock market index, without the risk of loss all too common in most retirement savings vehicles.

Indexed universal Life Insurance (IUL) policies typically contain a minimum guaranteed fixed interest rate component along with the indexed account option.  IUL’s give policyholders the security of fixed universal life insurance with the growth potential of a policy linked to indexed returns.

An IUL is an excellent product in which to save money now to produce a steady, tax-free cash flow later in retirement.

The following are some of the advantages of using indexed universal life to save for retirement…

The safety of no negative returns – if the indexed used by the product declines over the period measured, you are completely protected from loss.  There is never a decline in the contract’s value due to declining values in the index.  The carrier absorbs the investment risk not you!

The possibility of high  positive returns – Most safe alternatives without investment risk right now are suffering from very low returns.  With an IUL, if the index performs well over the period measured, the contract can result in an interest credit that is quite attractive. Those gains are then LOCKED IN and will never lose ground from that point on!

What would your financial picture look like today if you had never lost?

The ability to build a tax-free cash flow in retirement – many vehicles used to save for retirement produce or only delay taxation.  IUL policies can build a totally tax-free cash flow in retirement, free of federal, state, and local income taxes as well as free of the alternative minimum tax.  And, it has a tax-free death benefit.

Death benefit –  provides self-fulfilling funding of the retirement plan to your beneficiary upon your death tax-free, enabling you to leave a legacy to those people or charities that mean the most to you.

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