Just a generation ago you did not have to save any money for retirement. Pensions were a solid component of most American’s retirement plan and there were many workers for each person collecting Social Security Benefits. Work hard at a solid company for your adult life and you’d be set. The American dream for our golden years was alive and well.


For the Boomers and Generation Xers those dreams have been shattered. Most of us work for companies that have no desire to take care of us after a lifetime of service to them or we are changing companies and careers more frequently than ever before. Today 50+ million Americans save for retirement via their 401k type of plan. With an average balance of $60,000,  most will never be able to retire!


The recent struggles of the past decade have set many families back financially and many retirement plans have been postponed for years. It is our goal at Rock Solid Wealth Designs to provide a new source of both stability and tax favored income to people across the USA. Let us educate you  so you can choose strategies that make sense to you. Contact us today to learn more.