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Looking for the best financial planner in Temecula? Look no further!

financial planner in temecula bonnie clarkAs a retirement planner and infinite banking specialist, I help my clients achieve financial security. I am a licensed life insurance agent with licenses in CA, AZ, VA, NC, TX, IN, OH, OR, VA, MD, and FL.  Always striving to be the best financial planner in Temecula CA, my goal is to help small business owners and their families take control of their own financial future and have a retirement they can rely on while giving them the most liquidity, use, and control today.  I work closely with my clients to design financial plans that will help them manage risk in a way that makes them comfortable, insure financial peace of mind, and not be dependent upon outside factors such as stock market loss and tax increases any more than they want to be.  I am passionate to provide financial education to my clients and the public in general about the way money really works through an education the banks and the IRS won’t give you. Helping people become comfortable with making educated financial decisions is a personal joy.

I began my career in financial services as a mortgage consultant and worked for several years as a mortgage broker. I graduated to a position with one of the largest global mortgage bankers where I spent several years educating clients about the mortgage loan process and originating residential mortgages and home equity lines. Over the decades, I built my reputation as a trusted advisor. I focused on what was right for the client.  Because I had full access to my clients’ financial information, I became progressively more concerned at the predictable and avoidable financial mistakes my clients were making, jeopardizing their financial future.

These concerns motivated my diligent and persistent research for ways to help the clients that came to me for advice and guidance. I committed to provide them with financial tools that would allow them to deal more effectively with building personal wealth. I am passionate and focused on my clients’ best interests.  I am committed to helping them choose financial vehicles that will grow, save, and protect their greatest assets one client at a time. I am known by many as Temecula’s “infinite banking specialist” and can show you how to …

  • Develop a private funding source
  • Build wealth
  • Increase cash flow
  • Take advantage of some of the same financial strategies the banks have been using to their advantage for centuries

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Highlighted By Inland Empire Magazine

I was really honored to be selected for an interview in the Inland Empire Magazine’s January 2014 issue focused on Women in Business section as a Woman to Watch and highlighted as 1 of 4 Women of Distinction. It was an unexpected blessing and perfect start of an excellent year.


I work hard and play hard!

When I am not working, I love being out wakeboarding with my husband and friends or shopping at the many farmer’s markets in the area.


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Farmer’s Market produce

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