In my last post, A Financial Tsunami, we looked at the question why are so many of you choosing the stomach turning storm of market volitilty for your retirement planning.

Here is the first reason too many of you are choosing to ride a financial tsunami:

You don’t know of another option

Most of you have only heard one message all your adult life: Stuff your 401(k) with as much money as you can and make sure it’s in the market. Buy stocks. Buy mutual funds. It’s no wonder the majority of the retirement-saving public is doing just that — it’s the only message you’ve really ever heard. Too many are relying on their HR department to provide them a compass. Don’t rely on it.

Benefit directors nationwide believe their organizations are not doing enough to help employees make critical decisions at the point of retirement, according to a recent survey. 81% of them said they are concerned their employees don’t have the resources to adequately provide for their retirement.

Yet the same advice is given over and over year after year. Remember that old definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Here is a perfect example.

You probably have no idea that there is another ship going in the same direction; a ship that is sailing in calm waters with no fear of overturning, crashing, or springing holes. It is a ship your stockbroker and benefits administrator probably knows nothing about.