What is a Holistic Wealth Plan?

What is the definition of holistic health? It’s a wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual.


What is holistic wealth? It is a holistic approach to secure optimal financial health and well being for the individual. For me as a financial planning specialist and my business associates at Rock Solid Wealth Designs,  it is looking at our client’s whole picture financially to help them plan for a solid and secure future and to make the journey along the way the most peaceful and pleasant it can be.

We want to help our clients here in Temecula, Murrieta, San Diego, and throughout Southern CA build an immunity to the financial viruses that eat away at optimal financial health.

Let’s briefly look at three of the most common financial viruses and you can ask yourself the question, “Are you protected?” Just as there are many common health myths that are believed to be true by all too many and are promoted by big Pharma and the AMA, Wall Street promotes many financial myths that are taken as the gospel truth.

The Tax Virus-No successful financial plan can be implemented without taking into consideration the tax consequence, both now and in the future. Wall Street, the IRS, and many well meaning accountants, CPAs, and financial advisors promote myths like it is good to max out your 401k or IRA to save taxes. It seems good FOR NOW, but what about later? Do you think taxes will be higher by the time you retire? Will your tax deductions be less than they are now? IF you are lucky and don’t experience “a lost decade” like many recently experienced, and your 401k is not eaten up by excessive fees or market downturns and your account goes up significantly, you will be paying tax on the harvest, not the seed. Is that what you really want in terms of risk or are you just on that path because it is what we were all taught? There are alternatives that may benefit you and allow you to thrive.

The Health Crisis Virus-Any financial plan that does not prepare properly for a potential health issue is leaving your financial health open to attack. What would happen to the nest egg you are building for the future if you were to have a heart attack, stroke or cancer? If you died from it, would your family’s financial future be jeopardized? Would your family receive more than you had time to save or less than you saved once Uncle Sam got his, maybe a lot less? Seven out of ten Americans will have survived a heart attack, stroke, or cancer by the time they reach age 65. That is 70%! Did you know the average age of one of these events is age 43? By the way, the average age of a bankruptcy is age 44. See any pattern here? Over 62% of bankruptcies are medical related according to a Harvard Law study and 78% of these people had adequate health insurance. Health insurance made sure the doctors got paid, but the patient’s bills like their mortgage, rent, car payments, and other bills were not covered. Has your financial advisor discussed this with you and made sure YOUR plan has the greatest immunity possible?

The Longevity Virus-The AARP has done surveys that show most seniors are afraid of outliving their money. We are living longer and longer and many people are saving less and less than we used to. If you are saving in vehicles that can be quickly depleted due to market downturns or tax increases that are inevitable,  you are likely hastening the chance of a ravishing financial disease. There are alternatives.

Big Pharma does not promote natural, alternative cures because there is no money for them in it. It is not to their advantage. Wall St. and the IRS promotes vehicles for saving that gives them the advantage too. There are more holistic, alternative vehicles that cover you if you live too long, die too soon, or get sick in between that allow your money to grow tax favored with no downside risk. There are rock solid financial vehicles that will allow you to have peace of mind and be able to focus on the things that are really important to you.

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